Point of Sale Solutions for Hospitality & Retail

We offer scalable solutions for multiple environments to handle all your point of sale needs.

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We offer all-in-one touch-screen terminals, printers, cash drawers, kitchen display systems, tablets, credit card terminals & mobile printers. With a tailored solution to your environment, we can provide you with the perfect setup for your business.


Whether it's hospitality, retail, entertainment or a blend, we have a software solution that will accommodate your business needs.

Maintenance & Support

Even after installation, you can depend on us to be there for you when you need it with hardware maintenance, software support , system upgrades & more!

Solutions for any environment!

Full Service Point Of Sale Software Empowering Businesses Around The Globe.

PAR PixelPoint® POS software is designed for use in any and all restaurant and entertainment concepts, and is configurable to meet your specific environment requirements, rather than forcing you to change your current processes.

Contactless Dine-In And Online Ordering Solutions

App8 is a centralized, contactless dining service that delivers a consistent ordering experience for dine-in, pickup, and delivery, no matter where your guests are ordering from.

One Software Package, Completely Customizable For Any Business Type.

This high-performance system will help you manage your business, increase revenue and control costs. Its unique design allows it to be easily integrated into virtually any industry without sacrificing industry specific features.

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Est. in 1997

Computer Services of Florida was started in 1997 primarily as a service and support company for general business systems. Our background was in networks and hardware support, software and system installation.

When a client had a project that was way outside the box we began our journey into the Point of Sale market and new technology applications. Over the years since 1997 the Hospitality Industry has transformed from cash register based operations to what you find today of ordering from phones online. We have been installing PAR PixelPoint systems that have been leaders in innovation for 25 years. During this time we have always maintained that we are a service and support company first with a mission to be our clients best business partner and work for their success.

We have customers that have been with us for 25 years because we are there when they need support or want to improve their bottom line with new technology.

We are always looking for new technology to help our clients improve their bottom line and provide their guests with the positive experience they can count on.

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